Saturday, February 16, 2008

REX #9 - 1973 - Jane Seymour/ Raquel Welch (Ebay Item)

Sold recently on eBay for $7.50:

Page scan gallery of highlighted content available at:

Publisher: Top Shelf, London, UK

Cover: Jane Seymour

Contents Highlights:

* Cover Story – The 007 Date Book (The Bond Girls - Vintage '73)

* Rex Dossier Special on the History of Prostitution (Prostitution Dossier: The pros and cons of the oldest profession, yesterday, today and tomorrow)

* Birdlegs: Raquel Welch Interview (Raquel Welch bares her... soul!)

* How to Arrange Your Own Orgy – By David Lynne

* Sex & The Single Me: No 8 The Porno Girl


* “Mercy Me” – Mercy Nilsson

* “Summerskin” – Amica Samuelsson

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