Monday, June 16, 2008

STAG - November 1982 - featuring a rare Arnold Schwarzenegger interview

November 1982
Vol 33, #11
(U.S. Men's Magazine)

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Publisher: Stag Magazine Corp., New York City

* Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview (By George Haddad-Garcia)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

MALE - July 1979 - SciFi & Sex Issue - featuring Gene Roddenberry int/ Future Sex/ Star Drek + stellar girls

Here's another vintage men's magazine from my collection with several interesting features that I thought I'd share.

MALE - July 1979


Vol 1, #3
Publisher: Male Magazine Corp., New York City

Now available for auction on Ebay (SOLD)

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* Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek) Interview (The Man Who Created a TV Show That Became a Religion) (By Norman Schreiber)

* "I Was Ravished By a UFO!" (Article by Perry Ryvers)

* "Future Sex" - Interviews with Hugh Hefner, Dr. Albert Ellis, Carter Stevens, Andrea True, Al Goldstein, Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, Geraed Damiano, Alex Bennett, Robert Sumner, Larry Flynt (by Lisa Hoffman)

* "Star Drek!" The Voyages of the Starship Elevenprize... (Humor by K.D. Yurk)

* "Stardust Twins" (Photos by Bob Veze)

VG + condition