Monday, February 18, 2008

GENESIS - January 1975 - Featuring Marilyn Chambers

Rare 1970s classic issue of Genesis, featuring Marilyn Chambers on the cover (bare breasted) and in a feature pictorial and interview.

Now available on eBay (ending Feb 25)
(sold for $3.25)

Publisher: Genesis Publications, New York City

Cover: Marilyn Chambers (rare mid-70s bare breast) 'That Ivory Snow Girl"

 Contents Highlights:

* Cover Story: Marilyn Chambers (pictorial and interview)
* Miss Jones Lets Out The Devil (By Georgina Spelvin)
* Focus On: Gerald Ford and the Shadow of Dallas (J.F. Kennedy Assassination) (By L. Fletcher Prouty)
* The Genesis X-Rated Pull-Out Calendar (featuring Linda Lovelace, Georgina Spelvin, Andrea True, Harry Reems)
* Health vs. Wealth (US Health Care System) (By Richard & Judith Kunnes)
* The Orgy Guidebook (By Kay Cassill)
* Marilyn Chambers (Photos by Stan Malinowski)
* Gaby (she looks Elke Sommers) (Photos by Jurgen Dommnich)
* Moods (Photos by C. Quinton Kimball)

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