Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GALLERY - Vol 1 #2 Dec 1972 - Rod Stewart, Dennis Hopper, Pin-Up History (Ebay Item)

Here's another vintage men's magazine with plenty to look at and to read.


Vol 1 #2
December 1972
(US Men's Magazine)
Publisher: Gallery Enterprises, Chicago, IL

Now available for auction on Ebay (Ends Nov 18, 2008)

Content Highlights: (Extensive collection of page scans)

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* "Drinkin' The Night Away With Rod Stewart" (Personality By Les Bridges)

* Dennis Hopper Interview (By Lawrence Linderman)

* "Through The Past Pin-Up-Ly: The Paper Doll Papers - A Modest History (History of the Pin-Up Feature By Mark Gabor)

* "Sex On The Mount" (Erotic Artifacts Feature By Drummond Rennie)

* "Orson Welles Likes Himself"- Personality By Joseph McBride


* Mary Mendum: "Lenny Would Have Loved Her" (aka Rebecca Brooke) (Photos by Walport/Marks)

* Claudie Perrin: "A Nice Pretty French Girl" (centerfold) (Photos by Serge Jaques)

NM Condition