Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GALLERY - Vol 1 #2 Dec 1972 - Rod Stewart, Dennis Hopper, Pin-Up History (Ebay Item)

Here's another vintage men's magazine with plenty to look at and to read.


Vol 1 #2
December 1972
(US Men's Magazine)
Publisher: Gallery Enterprises, Chicago, IL

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Content Highlights: (Extensive collection of page scans)

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* "Drinkin' The Night Away With Rod Stewart" (Personality By Les Bridges)

* Dennis Hopper Interview (By Lawrence Linderman)

* "Through The Past Pin-Up-Ly: The Paper Doll Papers - A Modest History (History of the Pin-Up Feature By Mark Gabor)

* "Sex On The Mount" (Erotic Artifacts Feature By Drummond Rennie)

* "Orson Welles Likes Himself"- Personality By Joseph McBride


* Mary Mendum: "Lenny Would Have Loved Her" (aka Rebecca Brooke) (Photos by Walport/Marks)

* Claudie Perrin: "A Nice Pretty French Girl" (centerfold) (Photos by Serge Jaques)

NM Condition

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pin-Up: A Modest History - By Mark Gabor (1972) (Rare 1st Edition)

Here's a rare book for pin-up fans/collectors that is now available for direct sale.

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The Pin-Up: A Modest History
By Mark Gabor
New York: Universe Books, 1972
First Edition, Hard Cover, Folio, 270 pages, Index, Bibliography
ISBN 0-87663-163-4
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 73-189116

Gold title-embossed black hard cover, complete with dust jacket and inside cover plate featuring Marilyn Munroe's "Golden Dreams" 1951 nude pin-up


Publisher information
List of Colour Plates (1) (2)

Excellent condition
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MEN ONLY - Volume 43 #4 - April 1978 - Sci-Fi, Sorcery & Sex Issue Featuring Arthur C. Clarke Interview

This is an interesting late 1970s magazine with some sexy and other-worldly things to look at and read.

imagebam imagebam

Vol 43, #4
April 1978
(UK Men's Magazine)

Publisher: Paul Raymond Publications Ltd, London, UK

Now available for auction on Ebay (SOLD)

The Other World Special
Hi-Fi, Sci Fi, Swords and Sorcery plus Ladies who are Out of This World

Content Highlights (Extensive image gallery of selected page scans)

* Arthur C. Clarke Interview (By David S. Garnett)
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* Sci-Fi Art (First Word: Design) - Focus on Christopher Foss
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* Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction:

- "The Jerk" By Michael Walsh, Illustration by Michael Kanarek

- "XES and the Honest Folks" By Phillip S. Jennings, Illustration by Chris Achilleos

- "Raped by Aliens" By John Marks, Illustration by Chris Foss

* "Swordsmen & Slavegirls" (Sword & Sorcery fiction article, by Hugo A. Ward, Illustration by Dave Roe)

* "Long-Standing Phalluses" (Examining the visual pun, by Paul Hammond & Patrick Hughes)
imagebam imagebam

VG+ condition (slight wear)


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GALLERY - October 1975 - Featuring Roger Daltrey (The Who) Interview

Here's another classic men's magazine that, among many other enticing features, includes a rare interview with The Who's Roger Daltrey.

October 1975
Vol 3 #9
(US Men's Magazine)
Publisher: Montcalm Publishing Corp, New York City

Available for Direct Sale - email searcher@collectablescorner.com for details.

Content Highlights (Extensive image gallery:


* Roger Daltrey (The Who) Interview (By Fred Robbins)

imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam

* "The Guns of Dallas" (John F. Kennedy Assassination & Warren Commission) (By L. Fletcher Prouty).

* "Sex In The Afternoon: Being a True Memoir of a Swedish Pornographer" (By Graham Masterton)

* Monty Python's Flying Circus - "Matching Tie & Handkerchief" (album review)

* "Nashville" (Movie review)

VG+ condition

Monday, June 16, 2008

STAG - November 1982 - featuring a rare Arnold Schwarzenegger interview

November 1982
Vol 33, #11
(U.S. Men's Magazine)


Available for auction on Ebay (SOLD)

Content Highlights Gallery

Publisher: Stag Magazine Corp., New York City

* Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview (By George Haddad-Garcia)
imagebam.com imagebam.com

Mint condition

Saturday, June 14, 2008

MALE - July 1979 - SciFi & Sex Issue - featuring Gene Roddenberry int/ Future Sex/ Star Drek + stellar girls

Here's another vintage men's magazine from my collection with several interesting features that I thought I'd share.

MALE - July 1979



Vol 1, #3
Publisher: Male Magazine Corp., New York City

Now available for auction on Ebay (SOLD)

Image Gallery of Content Highlights


* Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek) Interview (The Man Who Created a TV Show That Became a Religion) (By Norman Schreiber)

* "I Was Ravished By a UFO!" (Article by Perry Ryvers)

* "Future Sex" - Interviews with Hugh Hefner, Dr. Albert Ellis, Carter Stevens, Andrea True, Al Goldstein, Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, Geraed Damiano, Alex Bennett, Robert Sumner, Larry Flynt (by Lisa Hoffman)

* "Star Drek!" The Voyages of the Starship Elevenprize... (Humor by K.D. Yurk)

* "Stardust Twins" (Photos by Bob Veze)

VG + condition



Saturday, March 1, 2008

GENESIS - Feb 1979 - Bruce Springsteen, Stan Lee, Cosmic Tits & Ass features

Here's another vintage men's magazine from my collection with several interesting features. 

Its now available on for Direct Sale - email searcher@collectablescorner.com for details.

February 1979
Vol 6, #7
(US Men's Magazine)

Publisher: Cycle Guide Publications, New York City

 Content Highlights: (Image gallery available)

* Cosmic Tits and Ass (A galaxy of TV's wonder women - from Batman to Battlestar Galactica, by Tom Rogers)

* Stan Lee Interview (Adventures of Comics King: Hulk and Spiderman go Hollywood, by Steve Swires)

* Bruce Springstten's Resurrection (The Springsteen Stampede: Born to Run Again, by Robert Duncan)

* The Good Life: Galactic War-Gaming (Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Role-Playing Games)

* Life After Star Wars

* Big Mother Is Bugging You (AT&T Wiretapping, by Burton Wolfe)


* Margaret Whitman (Peg of My Heart) (photos by Diana Hardy)
* Ruby Louise Long (Photos by John Allum & Rex Features)
NM condition